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Artist: Mud Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Use Your Imagination
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Lucy's a woman who lives just for kicks
And I guess I'll never change her
Does what she wants to
she knows all the tricks
I'll never rearrange her.

La la Lucy
la la la Lucy
I'm telling you what you gonna do
La la Lucy
la la la Lucy
it's all overforyou.
Don't you know that it's true
Because you know I told you once before.
No messing or you're out that door
I mean and I meant it thel
Ain't gonna take you woman back again
la la la Lucy
la la la Lucy
It's all over for you
don't you know that it's true.

Her time will come when she's out on her own
Then she won't have me to depend on
Then she'll find out as she sits all alone
She's got no one to lean on.

La la Lucy
la la la Lucy
I'm telling you what you gonna do .

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