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Album: Track 1 on Mud Rock
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Well-a well-a you changed your name To Abigail Rocket Blast And then they lined you up For a HolIywood movie cast. With ail them big cigars and motor cars You thought you was a movie star But Abigail Blast you sure are changing fast. When you-a you-a you were knocking At the agent's door Because because because the silver screen Is what a movie queen lives for. They gave you minks.and dreams In pinks and greens You threw away your old blue jeans But Abigail Blast they're using you. Come on come on come on now Rocket I'm gonna launch you soon Come on now Rocket You're gonna reach the moon You're gonna take off soon You know your time will come I'll give you three two one. Now Rocket I'm gonna make you soon. I saw you sitting in the soda store Where all the cast off stardust falls Where they write their names on the floor And hang their photographs on the walls. Oh but to me you still got sweet sixteen Written on your old blue jeans I'm getting rid of Abigail Blast. I'll call you Rocket forget the past. Come on come on come on come on now Rocket I'm gonna launch you soon. Come on now Rocket

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