Mull Historical Society - This Is Not Who We Were Lyrics

Artist: Mull Historical Society Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Loss
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Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling off the bodies,
Bodies, bodies
Can we take production to another peak tonight
They said they would be waiting, waiting, waiting
Waiting for the dawn bell, dawn bell, dawn bell
Can we take another body off production line

But in another time we could be the winners or second best
In another time we could see the benefits to their tests

This is not who we were,
This is not who we're meant to be
This is not who we were,
This is not who we're meant to be
Find a fee

They said you couldn't sign us, sign us, sign us
Sign us off the payroll, payroll, payroll
Standing in the doorway waiting for the bells to strike
We're turning off the power power power
Turning off the bloodlines bloodlines bloodlines
Hiding from the shadows waiting for the dogs to bite

Owned by
Higher powers, everyone, turned around, to the guns
Don't dream my dreams for me.

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