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Album: Track 5 on Raining Down Arrows
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It's raining down arrows on my heart again,
i still can't believe you let me down this way,
i'm a good judge of character is what you said,
i guess you were makin' that up aswell
It's raining down arrows on my life again,
some emotions never learn to grow,
so what is it like to be oh! Prince of darkness?
What is it like to be when you're souless and free?
It's raining down arrows on my heart again,
just when i thought we had it down, to a tee.
We were so near the holy grail,
we'd better turn back is what you told me,
that's what you told me…
And one day the pillars will fall
and the'll take your chariot away
and how will you feel when you're been
trodd on?
'Cause you're round's going to have to come around!!
'Cause it's raining down arrows on my heart again,
muddy waters on the spin..
Hangin' out of st.james's gate again,
look what a mess you've got me in!!
'Cause it's raining down arrows

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