Mungo Jerry - The Demon Lyrics

Writer(s) : DORSET
Artist: Mungo Jerry Lyrics
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There's been a whole lot of trouble in the place where I've been,
It's bothered the king and it's upset the queen,
The knaves have been playing with the princesses' maids,
The jester's been running 'round the courtyard again,

And I've been cryin', someone's lying,
I'm relying on my mind,
I'm not forgivin', I've stopped living,
There's a demon and it's got to be stopped,
Because it's got everyone on the run.

The owls are all hootin' and no one can sleep,
The shepherds are worrying 'cause they're losin' their sheep,
The soldiers are marching with their steel sticks of war,
People are runnin' they can't take no more,

[Chorus (repeat)]
The icebox is steaming, the oven is cold,
The moon has turned yellow, the sun's turned to stone,
The windmill's stopped turning, the flowers won't grow,
The taps have stopped running, and the clocks have gone slow,

[Chorus (repeat)]

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