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Artist: Murder by Death Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on In Bocca al Lupo
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I steal a look between the blinds
I unwind
she sleeps in comfort in my arms
She is plain but she is mine
Our child is silent but awake
I run my hands through his hair
I teach him manners and how to stick up
For himself when things get bad

I tell him son never through the first punch
And If you must fight, make it clean

SHIOLA, SHIOLA, will all be forgiven?
SHIOLA, SHIOLA, Am I strong enough to start again alone?

The taste of home is filling up my mouth
Is it wrong to love a family of ghost
Her door is open the windows are all up
She says "come inside"

I live alone more or less
I summon, child and happiness
Build them up from the dirt and clay
I have to believe that all will be forgiven

SHIOLA, SHIOLA, will all be forgiven?
SHIOLA, SHIOLA, am I strong enough to start again alone?
SHIOLA, SHIOLA, my heart is overflowing
SHIOLA, SHIOLA, with love and anger coiled into one
They take and take
But never get their fill
I try and try
But fail against my will
I wait and wait for that hand to sweep me up
And take me down that road

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