Murder by Death - The Devil Drives Lyrics

Artist: Murder by Death Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on In Bocca al Lupo
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Lately, lately we haven't been at our best. And maybe, maybe we had it coming for a long time. Everybody hopes that life is like a dancer's pirouette. With grace we've dodged each conflict and decision that we met. Everybody tells themselves that they must be justified. They do what they do because they're trying to get by. Maybe, maybe we all are selfish. But maybe, maybe it isn't over yet. Everybody hopes that love is like a prairie fire, that sweeps across the field consuming it all. Everbody hopes that love will never fade or flicker. That it's pure as the air we breathe. We've made mistakes that we can't change, but theres still time to start again. Theres still time to start again. Theres still time to start again.

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