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Artist: Mustasch Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Latest Version of the Truth
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Born a believer, I walk alone
Can't find a place where I feel home
Well, I am crazy, but I am sane
I am guilty, but not to blame
This is my nature - who I am
If you don't like it, here I stand
I wanna keep it though I eat it
Shove it in my mouth, I can't control my evil eye
I wanna keep it though I eat it
Have a bigger bite (?)
I love you, baby, though I hate you
'Cause I'm a double nature
Now a heretic I have become
I lost my faith in God and man
I am a demon, free from sin
But there's no angel who lets me in
My waves are rolling, they're rolling fast
Straight out of hell, away from my past
But here's a warning, some final words
Turn it down or you'll burn, burn, burn, burn
I am awake and I never sleep
My eyes are bleeding, I'm a freak
I show no patience, don't mean no harm
I'm just a guy with a burning heart

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