Mustasch - Insanity Walls Lyrics

Artist: Mustasch Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Above All
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Wicked rules been trying to putting you
From where you're sitting
You had it all, but then these voices call
With something missing

They don't seem to understand
You're not from a foreign land
Catch the drift, don't talk so loud
And then it maybe fits in

I feel I could crawl up insanity walls

Slowing down, that's not the kind I am
I like to speeding
Fences high, so you can move around
That's not my feeling

I feel I could crawl up insanity walls

Listen up, these things just had to stop
I'm turning evil
They grind me down, and try to shove me up
You hear me screaming

I don't like the quiet room
I am not some stupid loon
Wicked rules, has pulled me back for good
And here I'm sitting

I feel I could crawl up insanity walls

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