My Dying Bride - God Is Alone Lyrics

Artist: My Dying Bride Lyrics
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Remove the marks
Uphold the race
How the king is blind
Endowed with joy

Irritable speech
Break your back to help the wrteched
My blood has learned what fear is
My skin itching insane

My mouth spills with excrement
Eyes burned away
My spine crooked and stamped on
Feet nailed together

Genitals savaged with broken glass
Snap my ribs for pleasure
God Is Alone
Children broke before me

Fathers kicked to death
Sad tune on jade flute
Mothers die in sex
Yawning wounds on tiny bodies

And dew falls on quivering flesh
Turn and watch the edge
Focus on satisfaction
Unbelievable self extinction

Admire cloned convictors
Will the beast fall
Will God save us.

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