My Morning Jacket - Into the Woods Lyrics

Writer(s) : JIM JAMES
Artist: My Morning Jacket Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Z
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A kitten on fire, a baby in a blender.
Both sound as sweet as a night of surrender.
I know it ain't easy, but you do what you can.
If your livin gets weezy, you can follow this plan:

Put in more than you could ever get out.
I'm tired of the talking, I know what you're about.
Now open your mouth, here comes the spoon.
You're gonna eat what I give ya, and you're gonna like it real good.

A riddle: I went over the river, and into the woods, where did I go?
Where a wood buring stream flows up through the trees,
Like the soul of the hottest kind of lover I've ever seen
One who lives to choose another fool's dream.

A good showerhead and my right hand,
The two best lovers that I ever had.
Now if you find you agree with what I just said,
You'd better find a new love
And let 'em into your head

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