M.Y.M.P. - For All Of My Life Lyrics

Artist: M.Y.M.P. Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Versions
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Come and lay here beside me
I'll tell you how I feel
There's a secret inside me
I'm ready to reveal
To have you close, embrace your heart
With my love
Over and over
These are things that I promise
My promise to you
For all of my life
You are the one, i will love you faithfully forever
All of my life you are the one
I'll give to you my greatest love
For all of my life.
O yeah...
Let me lay down beside you
There's something you should know
I pray that you decide to
Open your heart and let me show
Enchanted worlds of fairy tales
A wonderland of love
These are things that I promise
My promise to you
All of my life
With all of my heart
These are things that I promise

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