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Album: Track 8 on Seeing Sounds
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The summer's gone too soon
The winters coming now
And lives are falling and
I'm just brawling
You had me going out of my head

And I look stupid
The game was gruesome
We'll be for a while
And then it'd leave for a while
But there's no need for u now
Because I'm free of you now
You see I'm

Happy (happy)
Things are lookin' good now (good now)
I feel so alive( so alive)
I'm on overdrive (overdrive)
I'm killing it, I'm killing it

(Good, I'm good)
Don't try coming back
(Good, I'm good)
Cause I will not be there
(Good, I'm good)
Its not like you ever cared

Smiles would die too soon
Our days were filled with frowns
My job was calling
My life was falling
My friends said I looked like I was dead
Did I look stupid
Damn you cupid
You were shooting at me instead of landing on her
If this is how it should be
We should have stayed how we were
Cause now I'm



Damn you're stupid
How'd you lose it
You had it all but you treated it wrong
You got some things to resolve
So I requested this song
Cause I'm just



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