Sooner or Later Lyrics


album: Track 7 in album Seeing Sounds
release date: 2008-6-9
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length: 6:42
composer: Pharrell Williams

Cover Art

N*E*R*D Seeing Sounds cover art
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Sooner or later it all comes crushing down (crushing down),
Crushing down (crushing down)
When everyone's around
I bet you would've paid up or you'll cash down (you'll cash down)
And not make a sound (to make a sound)
Everyone knows now

(So you're sad)
About the moment you lost your love (Damn)
You couldn't see her leaving
(You were gassed)
And that's sucks don't it cause
God yanked the rug and holding your heart will not help you breathe


It all some crushing down
It's over believe it
It's over believe it
It's over believe it
It's over believe it

(So you're sad)
And you should own it and you ****ed up (Damn)
You thought that you were the team
(You were gassed)
And now you're a opponent who wears your gloves (Damn)
A nightmare just ate up your dreams



(So you're sad)
Could have had so much done you blew it off (Damn)
Your chance is passing you by
(You were gassed)
Time waits for no one
And it cost for a lost
Because made joke should you laugh or cry



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