One Less Bitch Lyrics


publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Patterson, Curry, Young
album: Track 11 in album Niggaz4Life
release date: 1991-5-28
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length: 4:48

Cover Art

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The world's most dangerous group
Once again beatin' on your **********ing ear drumbs
Doin' much damage for all you slutty *** ho's

Yo, there was a ***** I knew on the avenue
She was gettin' G oh for a nut or two yo
I think her name was Clara
And she was guaranteed to give a ************ whatever he needs
To be perfectly honest she was a hooker
So I took her, a 100 yards, to the blvd
I told her "I'll take care o' you, you take care o' me"
You've gott a P I M P and all I want is the money
She went to work and the *****s were fiendin' yo
She had the biggest *** that you ever seen
In fact she was like Medusa
Her tities fully grown
A look and your **** turns to stone yeah
Keepin' on mind that she was the kind that would find the time to get mine
Because she knows I'm not to be ****ed with
She ain't crazy
****in' with Dre should be pushin' up daisies
She was the perfect ho' but what do you know
The ***** tried to gag me
So, I had to kill her
Yeah, straight hittin'
Now listen up and lemme tell you how I did it
Yo, I tied her to the bed
I was thinking the worst but yo I had to let my *****s **** her first yeah
Loaded up the 44 yo
Then I straight smoked the ho'
'Cause I'm a real *****, but I guess you figure
I was soft and she thank me
Coughed to the boss and got tossed
One less ***** you gotta worry about
She's outta here and that's how it turns out

Now Vikky Vikky Vikky, she's very tricky
She put her hicky on top of my ****
Sick Betsy, she told me she loved me
And she wanted to keep me
If only she can have the **** with me
I said I wanted but baby you gotta hold up
If I was happy with something that I could fold up
We can do this, she said her husband was rich
Then I knew I had the *****
Yo She wrote a check name me a check
In the name of a ***** who was strugglin' at the same game
All I wanted to do was get P-A-I-D
Just a little somethin' for ****in' me
Yo Everything was cool but Vikky concerned me
Her husband was the District Auterny
So, before he found out he was crossed up
'Bout his ***** I was ****in' I had to tossed her
And put you slick, some ***** never forget
A dead ***** can't tell a ***** ****
One less ***** you gotta worry about
She's outta here and that's how it turned out

One less,
One less,
One less ***** you gotta worry about!

(Mutha****in' right!)
One less,
One less,
One less ***** you gotta worry about!

Thinkin' about money, and lookin' at a prostitute
The ***** was cute, so now I had to execute
And shoot game like a real *****
With a still trigga
Convince her to move up to somethin' bigga
I think I had a flashback though
'Cause I said "**** it"
Loped and Choked and Smoked to the ho' like this :
"*****, it's all about Dre
The money money money and this all I gotta say"
Of course she came with me
And remained with me
'Till the ***** felt lamed and ashamed to be
Workin' that trick ****
'Cause *****s knew that she was someone
A little later though she called 1
In the chest and I knew that it was commin'
By who and how the all act would be done?
So what?
One less ***** you gotta worry about
But that ain't how it turned out

Yo, there was a ***** named her out and shot her
Straight to the **********ing trigger and said "I got her!"
But I had better plans to give her the blues
Like dumpin' her in the river with sea net shoes
I knew my money was comin' up sho'
And the thought that the stupid ***** thought she'd never get cought
Came home early and straight bust her ***
On the couch with the other ***** countin' my cash
I should've known she was like the mother ho's
I told the 2 ************s to take off their clothes
Butt naked nothin' left but the shoes
I had up a 9 so they couldn't refuse
I shot the ***** he was outa there
And tied the ***** to the Mutha****in' chair
Now there's one less ***** I gotta worry about
Everybody out, that's how it turns out

One less,
One less,
One less ***** you gotta worry about!

One less,
One less,
One less ***** you gotta worry about!

[Easy E]
In reality
A fool is one who believes that all women are ladies
A ***** is one who believes that all ladies are *****es,
And all *****es are created equal.
To me, all *****es are the same,
Money hungry scandlist groopy ho's that's always riding on a *****'s ****.
Always in a *****'s pocket and when the ***** runs out of money
The ***** is gone in the wind.
To me

All *****es ain't ****!
One less,
One less,
One less ***** you gotta worry about!

One less,
One less,
One less ***** you gotta worry about!

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