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Album: Track 6 on Love Is...
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It's so nice to be with you,
though you never linger long.
It's so nice to see your smile,
whenever things just seemed so wrong.
When I'm near you all my troubles seem
to fade and dissapear.
and for a while I see my dreams come shining through.

It's so nice to make beleive,
you and I are so in love.
I awaken every morning holding you in my arms.
When you're near me, all my days just seem
to hurry by so soon.
and for a while I dreamt I'd spend my life loving you.

I'll burn a candle in the night,
and hope that soon it's flickering light,
will guide you here to me.
I'll keep the fire.. burning.. strong.
Hope it won't take too long,
for you to come to me.

It's so nice to think of you,
every night and every day.
How you brighten every moment,
by the things you do and say.
When I'm near you nothing else would seem
to matter anymore.
and for a while I dreamt you're running back home to me.


Hope it won't take too long..for you to come to me.
Hope it won't take too long..for you to...come to me.

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