Nachtfalke - The Windlords Lyrics

Artist: Nachtfalke Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Land of Frost
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There was a darkness over the valleys of the north
Two ravens high and far off above the battlefields
The black-winged messengers watched
The fighting man and their bloodred axes
The windlords of Asgard

The springing and dying
The song and the weeping
And the snow everlasting groan
Of overburdened stone
So two ravens - the windlords
Accompany all the brave warriors
From endless battle to battle
With power, with flesh and steel

High and mighty - the lords in the sky
Back to Asgard - the ravens will fly
Claws of Metal - shining in the night
Strength and honour - in every fight

With a message for Odin
They spread their wings again
High over the northern mountains
Across the deep and darkest seas
They took their victory back
Back to the golden halls of Valhall
To endless fights and battles
To the glorius power of flesh and steel

Storm... wind... thunder... and lightning
The force of the windlords

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