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Artist: Nailpin Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on 12 to Go
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It's been a while since we sat down to watch the sun go down at 10
Pm is great to watch the sunset how come we never do that
Anymore to the shore drive an hour and drive back
Please tell me why you've forgotten how much fun we used to have
Well I guess I'm not the one can it be this feeling's wrong?
Would you mind if I just left? I'm no better than the rest
No, I can't stay here forever. You will find someone much better
And I won't pick up the phone. My heart is made of stone
We never saw the break of dawn never could stay sober till 6
Am is great to get your eyes closed and let the aspirin kick in
Nevermore to liquor stores foremost the best times I have had
Please tell me why you've forgotten how much fun we used to have
How come you lack the self respect
To leave with dignity and tact
Although we tried, excitement died
I have to see what's out there
My heart is made of stone (x4)

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