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Artist: Naked Aggression Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Recordings 1991-1994
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So much war, so much destruction, lives are wasted for production
So much anger, so much hate, if things don't change the human race will end

Will the 90's be another decade of apathy? are you just going
Sit by and watch things get worse and worse? no!

The rich will stop at nothing to control the world and keep their power
They all live like royalty at the expense of you and me

Right now in this new world order, right now no one is free
Right now corporations own this world
Right now we are victims of their greed

Buying off the govt. destroying the environment.
Making sure there's not enough, so they can keep the prices up.
There's food rotting away in warehouses while people starve to death.
Big business won't give it to these people to save their lives.
Because they won't make a profit! Ah!

Every country must obey what these corporations say.
If they choose not to comply, troops will be sent there and they will die.

Are you prepared, do you have what it takes?
To overlook your selfishness and create a better place.
First we must destroy the system!
If things don't change, the human race will end!

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