Naked Aggression - They Can't Get Me Down Lyrics

Artist: Naked Aggression Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Recordings 1991-1994
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Thougts of hatred in my brain. Makes me think that I'm insane.
I wish people weren't so cruel. So many assholes in this world.
Seems most people act the same, I don't know why this can't change.
Why can't people open up and start to act just like themselves?
So many people don not think. All My Father does is drink.
People think that I'm a disgrace. I wanna punch them all in the face.
I don't know... These are the best days of your life. Savor each
moment, be glad to be alive. Make the most of the time you have
left, you may never have it this good again.
Don't worry, you're not alone We're with you We understand how
you're feeling. Certain people have to follow the rules but we don't,
We can think for ourselves!

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