Nancy Sinatra - In My Room Lyrics

Writer(s) : Pockriss, Lee J / Vance, Paul
Artist: Nancy Sinatra Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Boots
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In my room
We're at the end of the harm
I sit and stare at the wall
Each day's just like the last
For I lived in the past
In my room
Where every night is the same
I play a dangerous game
I keep pretending he's late
And I sit and I wait
All the day is the picture
We took when he made me his bride
All the day is the charm way
He held me whenever I cried
All the day by the window
The flowers he left...
...I won't die!
In my room
We're at the end of the harm
I sit at I stare at the wall
Hating how lonely I've growned
All alone
In my room...

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