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Still, still in my heart
Here in my heart
Oh~! Still in my heart
Deep in my heart

Why? Why did you have to go away
Always hard to stay
Kiss before going over, over you

Tell me, was this really true romance
Or just a fantasy?
I can't believe what we've been through
You're hanging out with someone new

Still, you're in my heart
Baby, in my heart
Always in my heart
You'll never leave my heart

Still, still you're in my heart
Deep down in my heart
Fill me with ecstasy

Oh~! (Exactly, in my heart)

Oh, baby!
No, baby!
Can't let you go.

Or was it just a fantasy
Of what I thought could be reality?
Oh baby, can't you just see
That I can't go on
Never without you?

Still, still you're in my heart
Never leave my heart
Now and forever more
Still, still you're in my heart
Always in my heart
When will I ever break free?

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