Napalm Death - Next on the List Lyrics

Writer(s) : Greenway, Mark Peter / Embury, Shane Thomas
Artist: Napalm Death Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Enemy of the Music Business
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Such a smug parasite
Snug in the comfort zone
We stepped back and watched while you violated
Our effects, our spirits, our souls

Opportunist scum - think you're so immune?
Opportunist scum - we yearn to see you removed
Opportunist scum - truly spineless*****
Opportunist scum - basks in his loathsome glow

Where once I was passive, I'm ready to snap
A pound of flesh for those that you've taken
That smiling surround can't shield you forever
When it slips, we'll be there to **** your world

A slap in the face
A slap in the face

Don't turn your back, don't lower your guard
Or assume you're safe around fellow sharks
'Cause when I catch that patronizing smirk
(It) strengthens my will to smash your worthless bulk

A slap in the face
A slap in the face
A slap in the face

Goodbye to logic for this necessary justice
Goodbye to logic for this necessary justice

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