Napalm Death The Icing on the Hate Lyrics

Artist: Napalm Death
Publishers: ©EMI Music Publishing
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Length: 3:10

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Cut the line, I'm suffocating
Cannot feel, without I'm aching
Desire lost, my heart is racing
I feel cursed, am I mistaken

Doomed to walk the path that's chosen
Regret, a mountain yet to climb
Belief, that pain will ease in time
Embrace, a life that I betrayed

The icing on the hate
Trapped inside, this self-addiction
Forced to see my own afliction
Through the eyes, deseased reflections

Kaleidoscopic, death in segments
A second chance at resurrection
The high of high's seemed endless
The shapeless fear ascending

Ride the carousel of punishment
The days of dazed emotions
And spells I cast seem broken
Ride the carousel of punishment

Cards are down, a choice needs making
Look a the past, or keep on dreaming
Pulled the plug, for now I'm winning
Closed the chapter, new beginnings

Closed the chapter, new beginnings
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