Nargaroth - Shall We Begin Lyrics

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That never fall asleep - 'til every man is killed

It'll take your soul into unconsciousness
I will cut off your balls
Put 'em in your mouth
And sew up your lips

When you wake up I will shoot into your neck
And you will know, it was my, it was me your enemy!

Shall we begin
That Black Metal will be the emperor of human fears

Black metal rules! Black Metal rules!

I am the murderer with demons in my head
I am the murderer, who rapes your soul
Shall we begin to kill
Shall we begin to holocaust the earth
Shall we begin to burn
Shall we begin with you...!

Shall we begin to kill
Shall we begin that Black Metal rules the earth
Shall we begin to kill
Shall we begin with you!

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