Nashville Pussy - Can't Get Rid of It Lyrics

Artist: Nashville Pussy Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Say Something Nasty
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and here's what happened to me:

When I was a kid, like everybody else
Didn't get in much trouble, stayed to myself

Found some old records, it all became so clear
Just like the whole world whispered in my ear, it was:
C'mon, C'mon, C'mon

In a small town, you quickly get your fill
at school or work or church I never could sit still
Learned to ignore everyword they said
I'd rather listen to the rhythm in my head, it goes:
I can't get rid of it!


It goes:
I can't get rid of it!

If you see me comin', I'll probably pass you by
****(can't understand this part)****
Nothin has changed since I was a kid
You wanna know about me baby, listen to this:
I can't get rid of it!
I can't get rid of it!

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