Nashville Pussy Fried Chicken and Coffee Lyrics

Artist: Nashville Pussy
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They’re keepin’ me mean!
I’m wiping my ass
With a Hustler magazine.

All you motherfuckers out there,
It’s time for all of you to line up,
Everybody get on your knees,
And kiss my butt

Hey all you kids
Stay off of my lawn
I’ll shoot your ass
Oh, that makes me hard

All you stupid motherfuckers out there,
Wash the sperm outta your ears,
Put your goddamned heads right in the speakers
And listen to the shit that I’m about to lay down

Get down!
Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Yeow!

Alright, this is your last chance to be cool!
Repeat these magic words:
Nashville Pussy! Nashville Pussy!
Nashville Pussy! Nashville – Wowww!

Get down!

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