Nashville Pussy - You Give Drugs a Bad Name Lyrics

Artist: Nashville Pussy Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Say Something Nasty
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You've got a whole lot of trouble
Running in your veins
Say it right here, right now
You give drugs a bad name

So while I just hit him
You can hang him high
Why just make them sweat
When you can watch them die

If you'd have faced the world
You could have had it all
Now your back's up against
That same damn dirty wall

Every place you live
Turns out the same
You passed your last buck
You give drugs a bad name

You give drives a bad name
You give drugs a bad name, baby
Yeah, yeah, alright
Yeah, hey

Now a cool person knows when the party ends
Besides some of us just might want to get
Invited back here again

So pick yourself up off that bathroom floor
Take whatever pill helps you find the door
For all the people you just let down
You can pay us back by never coming 'round

And until that day, that'll never be
Just don't tell anyone you came here with me

You give drugs a bad name
You give drugs a bad name
You give drugs a bad name
Baby, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, alright, come on

Drugs got a bad enough name as it is, baby

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