Nasty Savage - Irrational Lyrics

Artist: Nasty Savage Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Penetration Point
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The color
Of Money
Is the
Color of greed
What you can
What you need
A wishful
In the past
Climbed on
The world
That went by
Too fast
More temper
Portrait of
A losing side
Opinions formed
Taking time
To care

The stone thrower
Broke the windows of his glass house
Thoughtless search
For a
A human coin
On edge
For a time
Having a fallout
All of his own
Hungry for
Want of gentleness
A carnival story
With absence
Of scenes
Slightly tilt
And left
Of center
He can rum
A four minute mile
Just as long as
He was chasing
A fast buck

Sour man
Sit in the rubble
Of your own making
Feed off your own

When your irrational
It's always a sorrow
A thin line into
The dust

Sour man
Feed off your own
Sit in the rubble
Of your own makings

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