Nat King Cole If I Were You Baby, I'd Love Me Lyrics

Artist: Nat King Cole
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I've got ten billion dollars and nothing to do
I own Central Park and California too

Chicago and Buffalo are my states
And I forgot to mention the five great lakes

So if I were you baby, I'd love me

You'll have maids and butlers
A big trust fund
A hundred caret ring that weights a ton
A yacht, airoplane, and nine special cooks
A thousand dresses, all new looks

So if I were you baby, I'd love me

Hard times and blues
I don't know what they are
My trouble is spending money and eating caviar
I don't pay income tax because that's chicken feed
When the men run short I ask them what they need

I am the worlds greatest lover that you've ever known
I'm better than Clark Cable or that guy Tyrone
You'll never find a guy like me as long as you live
'Cause when I give I really give

So if I were you baby, I'd love me

But let me pinch myself to see if I'm awake
Before I give I give you that golden wedding cake
I want to treat, go back to the job
For only thirty five bucks a week

Still if I were you baby, I'd love me
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