Natalie Cole - Say You Love Me Lyrics

Writer(s) : ROGERS, D.J.
Artist: Natalie Cole Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Snowfall on the Sahara
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Say you love me, say I'm the one your eyes see
Tell me you need me deep down inside like I need you
You see I need you to see me through, I want to hear you say Darling, Darling
I love you, so say, say you love me, (Say you love me) yeah, yeah
(Say you love me) Say, just say you love me
(Say you love me, say you love me) Through the rain, and through the cold
Together we will never grow old, sometimes the going will get a little tough
And I must admit living with me can be rough, I need you to see me through
I get off when you say, baby, baby, baby, I love you
(Say) So say, (say) just say you love me, want to hear you say (say) say
(Say) you love me (you love me), oh, ooh let me be, I want to be your woman
Together we can make a stand, I know, I know, let me take your trembling hand
Somewhere in God's country we'll settle on a piece of land
Because I need you to see me through, I just want to hear you say
Oh, oh, oh, baby, baby, baby I love you, I love (say) you
So say (Say) say (you love me), say you love me
Oh, just want to hear you say, say, say, (say), say, (say you love me)
Oh---oh----, (Say) Say (say) tell me baby that you love me (say)
Oh baby, oh baby, oh, (repeat say)

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