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Artist: Natas Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on N of tha World
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It's the end of the world,
As you know it.
So I'm a flow it.
Four panel bars can't hold me down,
Locked up for my safety now,
In my head I hear crazy sounds,
Five people dead, nobody found.
They cannot stop me, started when I was five years old,
I was in my room all alone, I used to be so cold,
I would have conversations,
Visions of devastations,
One day I'll rule the nation,
They'll call me an abomination.
They did me wrong, concidered me an outcast,
Was never first, but I'll have the last laugh,
I dreamed of blood baths while I slept in math class,
Woke up and robbed my teachers without a ski mask.
Before I hate...
Ya hearts filled with hatred.
I did everything you asked me,
I'm always speakin in blasphemy,
The demons comin after me,
So bless me get this cash from me.
Took the learjet flight to Moscow,
Jumped out the plane then I smile,
Police checkin my files cause they know I'm hostile,
Take the money belt right off ya waist and shoot you in ya funny face,
Your brains scattered all over the place, Cause I am from the master race,
I'm Hitler with this mircophone, put suicidal thoughts inside ya dome,
My DNA they tried to clone cause I rock em' dead and minds get blown,
I'm psycho, michael, my is with the rifle,
Chemical dependencies it was all written down in the prophecies,
B-L-A-C-K, Hitler's scant, fresh out the concentration camps,
Dead bodies stank the place, cause I had ta paint ya face,
The Wrath of God this ain't the case, don't believe me, then go ask Mace,
Goin through trials and tribulations havin conversations with Satan,
Black Hitler, I'm coming for your head decapitation,
And you're just an abomination, raised up in this wicked nation,
Fall star prophet feel the wrath of God, you cannot stop it,
So just accept it even though you just a skeptic,
He that is not with me is against me and you can't help it,
Revelations and my final note on this salvation,
Even though ya heart is achin, it's also Full of Hatred!
Ya hearts Filled with Hated!
I hate my muthafuckin gums cause they black,
I hate the nighttime cause it's black,
I hate that muthafucka Wesley Snipes, cause he's black,
Yea, black monday, black tuesday, every muthafuckin day,
Every night! I'm havin muthafuckin nightmarre-...

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