Natas The One Lyrics

Artist: Natas
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Length: 4:18

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[Chorus: x4]
He could be seen
He could be hit
He could be hit
He could be killed
Oh! You da one they lookin foe

Ah-yo! I see that *****
I'm finna kill that *****
Keep my finger on the trigga of my 40 cal
Make the the shot go BLOAW!

In the middle of the night, spark light for beef
I pack heat, **** a fist fight
Trained ***assin, master of all techniques
Do yo ***** *** while you sleep, wrap yo body up in bloody bed sheets

I leave no prints or signs of force injury
My element of surprise is advanced to kill
or pop is el-e-men-tury
Put 2 slugs in your memory

Your body goes slump, put yo *** in the trunk
Another corpse I must dump

[Chorus: x3]

If you could be touched you could be got
If i bust you might you might drop
Man see me later heavy weighters crush blocks
I can't believe these *****s tryna play my *****s,

killas runnin' down the street pullin AK triggas
We all took cover then took out motha****as
Always ready to die always on the look out for suckas
There's always retaliation after invasion

I guess i better stop whippin' out gats in they face then
Can't even hold it back can't even hold a strap
without wantin' to blow a hole in they back
I guess i better start leavin dead and quiet

'Cause if they silent, won't be so much bloodshed in the riots

[Chorus: x4]
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