Wet Pussy On Saturday Night Lyrics


album: Track 4 in album Blaz4me
release date: 1994-1-8
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Horrorcore
length: 4:02

Cover Art

Natas Blaz4me cover art
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[woman singing]
Love is Somethin 4x

Wet pussy on Saturday night
I'm rollin with my niggaz and we tight
Nuttin but a late night hype, shit is just right
Life ain't shit but a bitch
I got six hundred and sixty-six move tricks to get rich
Pay me now baby doll before you lay me down
Jimmy's about to clown
Movin in and round, how that sound
Givin ya dick by the pound
Can ya get wit it
Can ya let a nigga hit it
Shit, you all on my dick
Just another bitch actin like a witch on a broomstick
It gets crazy, another hoe another day
She's just a phone call away

[chorus] 2x
(Baby yo pussy's dead!)
Love is somethin
(What happened to yo pussy?)
Love is somethin

Wet pussy on Saturday night
I like my shit tight
Fuckin wit a bum bitch
Just another dumb bitch
But I wanna cum bitch
Ya hum drum bitch
Why don't you give me some bitch
Can't have the coke without the rum bitch
Damn, I feel like gettin high
Why don't you get high with me
Baby girl don't bullshit me
I blazed up the J until it lit me
Then my young freak said hit me
I passed her the J she said come get me
T.N.T don't quit G
Damn, I guess it was the bud comin thru
A little rum and coke ain't no joke now I'm fuckin you
Hot booty on a platter don't matter anyway
Ya just a phone call away

[chorus] 2x

Wet pussy on Saturday night
Roll me a blunt up
Call me a stunt up
So I can fuck the cunt up
Bitches wanna run up
And they get done up
Natas in the house bitches
Check up, I got one up
And one down on the D-L
That's the down low
I need me a tally ally ally ass hoe
A bitch that's straight from the ghetto
So I can rock that pussy like heavy metal
Say hoe, can I work it from the back
Smack my bozack then call me the mack
In fact, call me the mack pap nappy
Let yo titties slap me in the face and make me happy
Young bitch, triflin freak
Bitch got Kentucky Fried Chicken grease stains on her ass cheeks
I treat her like a stank anyway
Just a piece of pussy....a phone call away

[chorus] 2x

[Sample of Too Short]
All dogs must chase the cats 8x

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