Ne-Yo - Carry On (Her Letter To Him) Lyrics

Writer(s) : Wilson, Jesse / Smith, Reginald / Smith, Shaffer
Artist: Ne-Yo Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on R.E.D.
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Ah, carry on, carry on, yeah
I said uhu, so you found another bed you'd rather sleep in tonight, yeah
I said uhu, so I gotta loose for what you think it's a win tonight, yo, hm
Said uhu, some night is the night that you wanna say your fault, yeah
I said uhu, soundtrack of the sin be the sound of my ringtone
As I call you all night long
Well go and carry on,
Go and carry on, ohh wow
I said do you, 'cause I'm through
Hold on, I won't so carry on, ey

Uhu, so you found another reason to go do what you do, yeah, yeah,
I said uhu, well I ran out of reasons to sit here waiting on you, ooh wow
I said uhu, you showed me now exactly what you want,
What you want, hey, uhu
Now learn that you're exactly what I don't
Too much fun, too long
So go and carry on, hey, so go and carry on, aha
I said do you, 'cause I'm through
Hold on, I won't so carry on, hey
So carry on
You don't want it, and I don't need it
Better use for my time, so carry on
'Cause you don't want it, said I don't deserve it
I'm moving along with mine, ay, uhu, uhu
Aha, uhu, aha, uhu, aha, uhu ohh
So carry on, hey, carry on, hey
I said do you, 'cause I'm through
Hold on, I won't so carry on, hey
Oho, whoa, carry on.

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