Ne-Yo - Time Lyrics

Writer(s) : Smith, Antony James / Gregory, Michael / Wood, James Theodore
Artist: Ne-Yo Lyrics
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How come you don't make time for me anymore,
That's the last thing she said to you,
And now when you call,
She don't answer anymore,
For the line is busy and you can't get through,

In the time it would take you to learn from your mistake,
In the time it would take to dial the phone,
In the time it would take you to realize her greatness,
She'll be gone,
She's moved on to someone who takes the time.

Her love wasn't a priority to you,
You had other things on your mind,
And now that it's much too (??)
And so far too late,
The busy signal all that's left behind,
You're all alone.


No one knows what they have until they don't,
And by then it doesn't matter anymore,
You're all alone.


In the time it would take you to realize how great,
She'll be gone, she moved on,
Hang up the phone.

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