Ne-Yo - Fade Into the Background Lyrics

Artist: Ne-Yo Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Year of the Gentleman
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She looks so good in that white dress
At the far end of the aisle
Standing where I should be standing
Some other man on his face there's a smile

I just walked in sat down silent
I stood outside for awhile
Wondering why did I come here
Face it you messed up and now she's with somebody else

And now all I can do is smile
And fade into the background
I'll say congratulations and I'll fade into the background

Such a lovely reception
I sit here sipping Rosé
Then we catch eyes for a second
Both of us smile then quickly look away

It's funny you don't know what you got
Till you ain't got it no more
Put down my glass grab the bottle
I throw it back and I shout she with somebody else


Fade right into the background

She's with somebody else


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