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She's a goddess ghetto queen
Sitting at the park eating sunflower seeds
And I don't know if I'm being c***y
But I swear I think that she was staring at me

I stepped to her like
Hey sugar mama you outta line
Being how ya lookin' so fine
Just wanna know how I could buy

Some of your time
She said sorry your not my type

She blew my mind when she replied
I gotta girlfriend
Girl that's alright I'm not hatin'
Just tryin' to cool wit u cool wit u

Sure that's your lifestyle ain't nothin' wrong
To be honest girl it kinda turns me on
I ain't even tryna to gash up a happy crib
But you can call me when you need that alternative

Or someone to hold a camera with a steady hand
Don't you even trip
Girl I'm your man
Or if you decide to give the male race a second chance
She said sorry but I'm taken

[Chorus: x 2]

Girl girl girl girl girl
What's crackin' with menage-a-trois?
Girl girl girl girl girl
Is it even cool if I can just watch?
Girl girl girl girl girl
Baby I just wanna cool wit you

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