Neaera - Definition of Love Lyrics

Artist: Neaera Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on The Rising Tide of Oblivion
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Rape of the soul
Feel mighty now?
For two hours she was your possession
Your object of desire
In your dirty arms
Every minute under your sweat-stained body
Steels years of her life
The awful taste of your skin lies on her tongue
She will always remember your disgusting face
While her life disintegrates slowly
So slowly
She cried
She pleaded "oh no more"
She cried
She pleaded "oh no more"
But she couldn't escape
This torment
Raped and tortured
Is this your definition of love?
You bastards die a lonely death
Rest in pain without regrets
Devoured - in your graves of guilt
Fuck you
I hate you
You raped
Destroyed her very core
She cried
She pleaded "oh no more"
I hope one day you'll be the victim of her rage

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