Neaera - Synergy Lyrics

Artist: Neaera Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Armamentarium
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This is for the fragile and weak
Serenades of the yearning
This is for the strong and ambitious
Anthems of power and pride
Tunes for the burning inside
Pouring oil in your fire
We stand in tranquillizing flames
Kill the quiet with the storm and the storm with the quiet
Quenching the ordinary pains
In the quiet ablaze
This is for the angry and pissed
The sound of denial made flesh
This is for the scarred and withdrawn:
Build bridges instead of walls!
A shell of swords and knives
Protects the core inside
Tracks from the womb of life
Bring angels and demons to light
Tunes from the depths of our hearts
You pour the oil in the fire

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