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I'm a man
That's what you raised me to be
I'm not an identity crisis,
this was planned

I'm a man
As in a citizen of Mankind
It's what kind of animal I am,
it's that simple.

I'm a man
and not just casually
I pull this barge full time
Your treehouse will not support me

I'm not the runt of the litter
fat-fingered bullies were no match for me
I still taste them in my teeth,
I'm a man.

I'm a man's man
I've always been
But make no mistake what I've invested in;
A woman's heart is the watermark
by which I measure everything

I'm a man
that's what you raised me to be
I'm not your identity crisis,
this was planned

I'm a man
You'll have to deal with me
My proxy is mine,
you'll deal with me directly

And if I'm dipshit-drunk on pink perfume,
then I am the Man in the fucking moon
Cause you didn't know what a man was
until I showed you.

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