Nelly - Interlude Lyrics

Artist: Nelly Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Country Grammar
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Goin' good, hold up, get off me real quick I'm
Tryin' to holla at my dog real fast.
Hey, hey Nelly what's up dog, this Ced the
Entertainer boy, I'm at a wild little party,

Dog, hey get back at me I'm trying to holla at
You about the album now I'm a talk to all of
Y'all. Big Leaugue, Kyuan, Little T, City Spud,
My homies. What's up y'all, you need to get at

Me I need to be on this album player, I'm tryin'
To blow up with ya, S.T.L. y'all get back at
Me alright? Just call me.

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