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Album: Track 12 on Imaginator
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So you think you`ll take another piece of me
To satisfy you`re intellectual needs?
(Do you want action?)
Well, I think it`s time 'cause you`ve been pushing me
You`d better recognize my superiority

Liar (liar) Liar (liar) - You know you believe it
Higher (higher) Higher (higher) - 'cause I`m the main man

And that`s why everyone wants a piece of the action
Everybody needs the main attraction
I`ve got what everybody needs -
Satisfaction guaranteed
Everybody wants a piece of the action

Well, I was suicidal 'cause you was my idol
Baby, baby, baby bring me to your knees
Well there was a time I would`ve walked the line
But you bled me dry with your insatiable greed

Liar (liar) Liar (liar) - You know you believe it
Higher (higher) Higher (higher) - 'cause I`m the main man

Do you want (do you want?)
Do you want action
Everybody wants, everybody needs
Everybody wants, everybody bleeds
Let`s go!


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