New Colony Six - I Will Always Think About You Lyrics

Writer(s) : Rice, Ronald / Kummel, Leslie
Artist: New Colony Six Lyrics
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I will always think about you
Even if I live without you
Please don't let that ever happen
I have too much love within me for you
Baby it's true, baby

I can't find the words to tell you
Just how much I really love you
If you feel the same way I do
You will know the love I have here for you
Baby it's true

Baby, the days we spent together were fine
The nights, the lights were yours & mine, it's true
I'll always love you, always love you

So let us plan our futures together
Love is here, it's getting stronger
Even if I live without you
I will always think about you, it's true
Baby it's you, baby it's true, baby for you
...& fade

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