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Album: Track 4 on Sheltering Tree
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Defining Moment-
There comes a time in every heart a time of real decision-When we reach the point of choosing how we will live our lives-All our hopes, all or dreams will rise up from that moment- The moment we surrender and choose to fallow Christ-[CHANNEL: He's been waiting all our lives to hear us say-"I am yours, Lord, take my hand and lead the way"]-[CHORUS:When you belive he's all you need- that will be your defining moment-As you live your life walking in his light-Trusting him compleatly-That will be your defining moment]- All I have, all I am is resting in his promise-the promise that he'll make me everthing that I should be- I will live, I will die, for the cause he set before me- to take this love in side my heart for all the world to see-[CHANNEL: All of heaven celebrates when they hear someone say-"I am yours, Lord, take my hand and lead the way"-[BRIDGE: His amazing grace is such a mystery- How in an instant it can make your life conplete-(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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