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Was born in it too far
Then I just wanna get some sleep
A man a whistle long,
I just wanna risk my feet and
Then outside waste ..
The people on my frequency.
Wherever I go there is always something there with me

Ohh, ohhh oh
I am memorizing fierce so I can always see
And every time I close my time it's you right smiling back to me
And even all it's one below, the sky is always gray
I can feel it in my bones, it's London calling me
Ohhh, ohhh oh

Ohhh oh, ohhhh oh

Is born in 85 and years go by, my footsteps fall
I know inside in every time and I'll look out that door
And I'll be back and in my sights I'll find familiar shores
And you see orange skies and the traffic lights
And you'll know that you're

Ohhh ohh, ohhh ohhh'

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