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I will tell you everything you'd ever like to know
All the stars you wish upon I will make them yours
I'll speak to you in povertry to fill your dreams with light
Make sure your every fantasy comes to life
So many thing I've never known
I will learn from you
I'll find reason in your words
That are tried and true
I don't wish here your laughter
Every smile and tears
And cherish one more chance
To hold you near
You are my miracle
You are soft and pure
Just like the air I breathe
You, heart of my heart,
You heart of my heart
As a secret that you hold,
That you hold
Deep within that so discretly
Hides your soul
The strength I simply never found
I will find for you
What I believe our future holds
I will see it through
To be with you a lifetime
Is really all I ask
Come'se fosse l'ultimo per noi
You are my miracle
And it's crystle clear
Like endless summer skies
You, heart of me heart
As secret that you hold, that you hold
And it's hidden so discretly
There to be my guide
To a love that lasts forever
Love, heart of my heart
Has a secret that you hold, that you hold
And it's hidden so discretly
Will you share with me your secret
Ever more
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