Nidji - Breakthrough Lyrics

Artist: Nidji Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Breakthru'
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We used to think when we are younger
Living the lies behind the wall
Then she ask me what i’m thinking
And i said oh nothing at all
We ‘re not a vintage generation
It’s time to leave and break the wall
Then she ask me what i’m doing
So i said now it's time for revolution
No no no..
You don't know me any more
Low low low..
You’re gonna low your self
And take us higher

Here we are try to reach the stars
We are getting higher on and on Go go go
Like a hyperdrive
We came along this far
We are getting bigger on and on
We’re untouchables

It’s time to leave and break the wall
Now it's time for revolution
It’s time to leave and breaking on
Its revolution

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