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Artist: Nikki Leonti Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Shelter Me
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It's true to each heart comes a little pain
Lord, in each life falls a little rain
But if I look there's a rainbow in the sky
A ray of hope when a shadow passes by
A silver lining just behind the darkest cloud
All the promise that I need to say out loud

[Chorus: ]
Every moment is another gift of life
I'm grateful for each minute, Lord, of walking in your light
Every moment is an opportunity
To dedicate myself to living all you have for me
Every moment

Time, I only have what's in today
Lord, help me to use what slips away
We never know for tomorrow may not come
Our lives appear then like a vapor they are gone

I want to treasure each day you give to me
Live it as though it's the last I'll ever see

[Chorus: ]

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