Nina Nastasia - A Dog's Life Lyrics

Writer(s) : Nastasia, Nina
Artist: Nina Nastasia Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Dogs
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I had a dream about a dog
I was walking in an amusement park
With people all around me

We rode the roller coaster rides
And he was laughing as we
Jumped to the sky
And I saw that I looked just like him

It's a dog's life
I want to lead a dog's life
Run to the woods, dig a hole
Just him and me

He showed me all the various scented treasures on the ground
There was a little girl, and she was scared of me, and I was scared of her
He let out a bark then she screamed
Dropped her chocolate ice cream
Suddenly this old man chased us 'til we jumped the fence

It's a dog's life
I want to lead a dog's life
Under the couch, chew a bone
Just him and me

He ran across the street and barely missed a speeding car
Suddenly this old man grabbed him from around the corner
I hid behind a big trash can, wondered â??What's become of him?â??
I tried to stay, but curiosity kills me

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